Alginate in Meat

Application  Alginate in Meat


Alginate in meat

The alginate is used in meat applications where gelation without heating is required. The alginate solution contributes to a soft or hard texture and binds raw meat and fat together.

The alginate is usually used in a self-gelling system consisting of a highly soluble alginate, a gelling ion, and a gelling delay agent. A self-gelling alginate system is typically used for the following applications:

  1. Fat emulsions
  2. Skin emulsions
  3. Oil emulsions
  4. MDM stabilisation
  5. Meat restructuring

In the case of fat, skin, and oil emulsions and MDM stabilisation, it is normal practice to prepare the emulsion the day before. On the following day, the gelled emulsion can be handled as a solid block and added to another emulsion.

Typical alginate advantages in these applications are as follows:

  • Improved water binding and better yield
  • Improved texture
  • Improved sliceability
  • Improved cooking yield
  • Improved freeze/thaw stability
  • Reduced syneresis
  • Improved emulsification
  • Fat replacement