Pet Food

Carrageenan and alginate can be incorporated into various styles of wet pet food.

Pet  Food

Pet Food

These products are used as water binders and texture providers. Wet pet food is typically heat-treated and/or retorted, making it an ideal application for carrageenan and alginate.

Carrageenan and alginate interact with the ambient proteins and cations to provide a range of textures, from elastic to firm and from soft to strong, depending on the product type and other requirements.

EUROGUM offers a range of carrageenan and alginate solutions for pet food, depending on the recipe and process.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Cold-setting systems
  2. Chunks
  3. Gravy

Carrageenan and alginate provide:

  • Improved water binding and yield
  • A transparent gel
  • Enhanced texture
  • Stabilisation of viscosity before retorting
  • Improved heat tolerance